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What is it? Is it the wheel with teeth that makes your bike move quick? Is it the small pocket stitched into your lingerie in which to hide mints for an opportune moment? Is it the Russian module propelled into orbit during the great space race? Nay, it is none of these. It is a group of individuals with the combined brain force to outdo all of these innovations. Spocket cannot be measured by area nor volume nor time nor distance. Only groove. But don't take my word for it. The groove eminates from them. It grows from within them. You cannot stop the Spocket groove. Succumb to the groove, let the dense harmonies sift through your mind, the effortless rhythms pulse through your bones. The blasting horns, the swirling organs. Chicago has ne'er seen a project this heavy. Could this bio have been more compact? Maybe Did I waste every members' time having them send me individual bios? Definitely But the point is this: Spocket has established themselves as one of Chicago's sharpest & most captivating large ensembles. Just don't confuse them with the gears that move your bike chain.


Gordon Pondstar is a freelance bass player living in Chicago, IL, USA. Pondstar heard Erykah Badu's 1998 live album as a teenager and realized he wanted to play bass for the rest of his life. He's been gigging and touring professionally for the past decade.


Colin has spent the last ten years working as a performer, composer and arranger in Chicago. Drawing on a wide ranging number of musical influences, his distinctive and dynamic style of playing and writing is informed by the jazz, hip-hop, and soul music of his upbringing as well as the classic and indie rock sensibilities of some of his current projects. Colin actively performs and records with Chicago-based artists such Spocket, Minor Moon, Deanna Devore, the Atticus Lazenby Group and countless others.


Growing up in Washington, D.C., Luke Angle picked up his first pair of drum sticks at the age of 10. He earned his first kit from his parents and first grade teacher, piece by piece, in exchange for good grades. By high school, Luke began playing in the Blues Alley Youth Orchestra and with his friends Zack Cross and Andrew Randazzo. His efforts and enthusiasm for developing his craft would carry him from D.C. to Denton, TX to attend the University of North Texas. Majoring in Jazz Performance, Luke graduated from UNT in 2011 ready to put the skill set he had spent 12 years honing into action. His next move was Chicago, IL, where he quickly found footing in the diverse music scene. Less than 3 years later, Luke's talents and fierce unwillingness to be second best have made him a seasoned and sought-after musician in the competitive Chicago music scene.


A multiplicity of talents keep this Ukrainian-born guitarist busy in the Windy City. Based in Chicago, IL, Konstantine performs and records in virtually every genre of popular music. He also composes and produces original music with the bands Spocket, KamiKazee Vigilante and Fury Hip Hop. When he's not on stage or in the studio he's tinkering with guitars as a Technician at Third Coast Guitar Service or teaching lessons privately.